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Heritage Bar

Heritage Bar & Interior Design

The Heritage Bar and Restaurant interior is designed with a strong nautical theme through using a sea and pebble effect carpet. Wall graphics show over 100 years of maritime history, from the early whaling trips of the 1700s through to the era of the Icelandic Cod Wars of the 1970s. A lot of the images are of local people - and with carefully chosen accompanying music, it sets the scene for a fantastic experience.

The Heritage Bar and Restaurant also contains a lounge bar which features a nautical espionage theme. This is designed to hint at the mystery and intrigue which still surrounds the activities of some of the Hull fishing boats during the period of the Cold War. Going further back in time to the periods of the First and Second World Wars; the fishing vessels of Hull were occasionally involved in violent skirmishes. Threats came from Russian warships and German U-boats. The Restaurant and Bar pulls no punches in presenting this quite unusual aspect of Hull’s Fishing Heritage.

To see how this leisure facility could look, take a look.

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