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Remembering those lost at Sea

In January 1968 the city of Hull was hit with the terrible news of 3 trawlers becoming lost within days of one another; a total loss of 58 crew members. Remarkably there was 1 survivor. The list goes on, charting many other tragic events right up to the controversial sinking of the factory trawler GAUL H243 in 1974 with the loss of all 36 crew.

Although a small plaque honouring Hull’s fishermen was placed on the bull-nose of St Andrew’s Dock some years ago, it was a very poor memorial to the many lives lost and families wrecked over the years. Considering all the men who sailed out of this very dock and who never came back: Isn’t it about time they had an appropriate and permanent place of remembrance?

The 3D design shows a simple brick wall with the details of each lost vessel. On the reverse of the wall the various names of each lost crew member are etched into the face on an individual brick; a permanent reminder of the personal sacrifices paid.

Ross Cleveland


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