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Reflections Remembrance Garden

Visual heritage that people can connect with

The Reflections Garden is a focal point which shows the community heritage through using images of local people. Young people often have family or friends connected with the fishing community of the past. The Reflections Garden is designed to bring the past and the present together in a way which could influence the younger generations of today; giving a sense of pride and belonging.

Visual heritage that people can connect with results in friendlier surroundings. This could create a public area that is much less likely to become vandalised; a place which is respected by people of all ages; a place where they can mix and share the heritage they have in common.

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It doesn't look very green for a garden and I don't see the point in the big silver balls. I'm sure sculptures that are more relevant to the subject could be commissioned. Apart from that, the concept of a remembrance garden is great and the photo banners and information boards look good.
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