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Tall Ships Information Centre

The Tall Ships Information Centre offers a facility for creating awareness

The Tall Ships Information Centre offers a facility for creating awareness about the many types of adventure sail training opportunities that are available to everyone. Most sail training organisations and their vessels are operated by charities, foundations and sometimes government bodies. The main objective of these organisations is to bring about positive life changing experiences which result from working as a close-knit, disciplined team at sea. This leads to the discovery of hidden strengths and talents and allow participants to learn a great deal about themselves.

Sail training organisations generally try to seek people from mixed social backgrounds. For people with limited income, funding programmes can be made available to help subsidise those who would not otherwise be able to afford to take part. Some can even offer special training facilities for those with physical, mental or social difficulties.

The Tall Ships Centre showcases the city’s connection with these organisations. A good example is the Sir Winston Churchill sail training schooner built by Richard Dunston Ltd. of Hessle in 1966. This vessel has sailed from the Port of Hull on many occasions and has taken hundreds of young people on life-changing voyages at sea. This vessel has since been privately sold in 2000. Another good example is the Wilberforce Sailing Academy yacht; a temporary sail training programme which was controversially funded by the Hull Primary Care Trust (NHS) in 2008 and which has successfully transformed the lives of many young people.


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