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Visitor Centre

This is a unique building that you either love or hate!

This is a unique building that you either love or hate! The ultimate brief for this design was to reflect the city of Hull’s maritime connections in a modern, unusual looking building that people, over time, would associate with the city of Hull. As Hull already has a world-class and iconic structure in the Humber Suspension Bridge, any new building design of this class needs to be something pretty special.

The Visitors’ Centre Building cannot match the Humber Bridge in size; however, it adopts many different maritime themes when viewed from different angles. The back of the building could perhaps be like a whale? Maybe from the front it looks like a cod? Perhaps the side views take on the outline of a luxury yacht? Could the windows possibly be portholes?

Although the building is a Visitors’ Centre, maybe it could also play a much more important role in our changing society. At the bottom of this page we explain this in more detail.




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