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Channel 5 The Store Detectives
26th February 2014


It Takes A Thief To Catch A Thief Series 1 - Episode 1 Thursday 6th March 8pm 

We were asked by Optomen TV to help with a project in Cleethorpes and come up with ideas to help reduce the problem shoplifting was having on the day to day business of a general store. We created and manufactured some interactive ceiling mirrors. And built them over the existing merchandising fixtures. These featured movement sensors to trigger red warning ligths to help highlight to a potential shoplifter these reflective bulkheads are monitoring customers movements via a CCTV system.

In this brand new series serving police officer Will Davies and an undercover reformed ex-shop lifter team up to become The Store Detectives. Together they will expose how exactly professional shop lifters get away with what they do. At the same time they’ll visit stores that have suffered at the hands of thieves, helping the owners and managers devise ways of beating even the most devious and inventive crooks. Travelling around the UK, the Store Detectives will teach hopelessly vulnerable businesses how to defend themselves against people who are determined to steal. Our duo will let us in on all the tricks of their trade – how they spot, thwart and finally trap shoplifters.