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Purchase a Ships Bow

To purchase a ships bow, please download the following form and return completed to Hull Bullnose Heritage Group, 6 Viceroy Close, Bridlington Avenue, Hull, HU2 0AN.

Thank you for your support ref: Last Trip Memorial in connection with purchasing a ships bow.

Just to give some background…

The Last Trip Memorial is currently being built when completed which we are hoping December to be this year to be confirmed it will be placed on land next to our offices for people to come and see. The intention then is for it to be relocated on to St.Andrew’s Dock when the ground works and landscaping are ready.

The Last Trip will be illuminated and it will feature sound with the intention of the feature being educational and a visitor attraction.

With reference to the bow please note a bow can be purchased and the wording can be added / decided at a later stage. It just helps people secure the purchase of the bow without having to commit to the wording they would like. The bows are bolted to the main structure from the inside so can be engraved at any stage once they have been fabricated.

Please note a bow can have extra wording added in the future at a small additional cost. Should any personal messages require adding. Example you could leave one side blank.

At this stage we are not sure on the exact number of bows but will range from 58 to 90 in numbers so it is limited.

I hope this helps explain a brief background on the current progress of the memorial.

Please see attached application form if this could be filled in and either emailed back or posted to either our address below or the Hull Bullnose Memorial Group address on the application form.

With reference to the engraving if not decided please write in [To Confirm] on the application. Once payment is received / cleared a receipt and Ships Bow number will be allocated with your details confirming the purchase of the Bow.

Once again can I thank you personally for supporting this scheme we will keep you updated on the progress.

Best Regards
Andrew Fenton