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2013 The People's Gallery

The city's family album

The People's Gallery. Opening the family album about local people receives over 6000 visitors over the four day one off event. 

InterTech designed and supplied all the display materials free for the event. We used images from the Hull Daily Mail's archives. If took around 7 weeks to prepare, with alot of the photographs being scanned and touched up ready to be printed onto the display panels and floor graphics. We used around 600 images in total. If you enjoyed the event please let us know. Feedback for this event will help us improve and develop any such projects in the future.

Can we also say a big thank you to Hull Trinity House for the loan of the building for the four-day event.

News Report, September 06 2013

Angus Young on the new People's Gallery: an exhibition of hundreds of photographs from the Hull Daily Mail's archives that will open in Whitefriargate's former Peacocks store, next Thursday the 12th to the 15th.

Just over a year ago, I sat in an Old Town pub and shared an idea that had been brewing for a while. I was with a group of volunteers who had recently helped out during Hull Civic Society's annual Heritage Open Days event.

  • MEMORIES: The People's Gallery features 300 images.

Twelve months on and that idea is about to be become reality as a part of the programme for this year's event. Next Thursday, The People's Gallery will open its doors in the former Peacocks store in Whitefriargate.

Readers of a certain vintage will probably remember it was once a branch of Woolworths.

The idea behind The People's Gallery is a simple one. It will feature more than 600 images from the Mail's photographic archives, offering visitors the chance to recall familiar faces and places from the city's not-so-distant past.

As Ferens Art Gallery has about 500 works on display at any one time, I don't think that's bad going. In fact, we estimate The People's Gallery, which will be Hull's biggest pop-up photography exhibition to date, will include about 30,000 people in the images – all of them under one roof.

Can you spot the famous person in the picture above, their first name beginning with the letter J.

While the traditional focus of the Heritage Open Days event is about Hull's fantastic array of historic buildings and landmarks, I thought it was time to reflect on the some of the people who lived, worked and played in them over the years. So, with the help of the Mail's chief photographer Jim Mitchell and the team at InterTech Media in Priory Park, who have put together the display panels, we've assembled the biggest family album you are ever likely to see.

If you don't recognise anyone featured in the images, I will be most surprised. In a way, it's also a tribute to a number of Mail photographers down the years whose excellent work will feature in the exhibition.

News photography is a genre all of its own, so don't expect beautifully composed landscapes or studied portraits. Like reporting, it's all about recording the here and now and the people making the headlines.

The exhibition is open for the four days of the Heritage Open Days event, from Thursday, September 12, to Sunday, September 15, from 10am to 4pm on each day. Admission is free and I will be there for most of the time, so I look forward to seeing you and sharing a few memories along the way.


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Darren Lee
Makes me think of my dad an when we use to go meet the ship at dock when he came home love it 😁


Lesley McNicol
Brought back so many memories! It would be good if it could be made a permanent exhibition in a pop-up vacant shop. If it also had a link/opportunity for people to donate to the site their own old photos of people/places of Hull or add commando tonal comments on line. Agree if it was online (apologies if it already is) it would be fantastic for out of towners.


Roger Spencer
As a local visitor "of a certain vintage", it was an absolute pleasure to see the exhibition on Saturday 14 September. Hull is much criticised for many failings, but when a successful event like this is held, I feel it should be praised, which I am happy to do. I noted that the exhibition displays are mostly portable, and it would be my hope that it will pop up elsewhere in the future for the benefit of all who may visit it.


Mike Covell
The People's Gallery was an excellent display, well thought out, and easy to walk around. I do feel that it could have been an ideal opportunity to sell copies of the Hull Daily Mail and various editions of Flashback. Maybe next year a talk on the history of Hull newspapers and how they started and developed and used Whitefriargate as a Hull based Fleet-street.


George Woollons
What a pity these photographs are not shown on line for the people who live abroad.


Chris Jordan
I really, really like the concept. In 1979 I started work at the offices in Brekkes and just caught the tail end of the fishing industry in Hull. It is so sad to see what has become of all of the old magnificent buildings and the current state of St Andrews dock. This concept will surely revitalize the area and breath life back into an area that was once full of life and is now so dead and derelict. I particularly like the idea of putting water back into the docks so that boats and ships can use it. I really hope this concept goes ahead.
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