Hull Now - More Forward Thinking

Global Challenges

Business makes a huge impact on the natural world, and it’s critically dependent on it too.

The planets resources such as forests and fish stocks are diminishing, carbon emissions are on the increase, and vital freshwater in our rivers and lakes is under increasing pressure. Our wildlife is suffering and slowly disapearing before our eyes. And our eyes maybe the last to see the full array of wildlife this planet as to offer.

Our current way of doing business needs to change now. 

Only the smartest, most sustainable companies who value nature will continue to thrive in the future. That's why it is critical to help highlight how companies can make a positive change to contributing to the planet and still function as a business now and well into the future with new ways of working as one.

There are exciting opportunities ahead - and unleashing the power of new thinking and innovation will be critical to human demands that will be more sympathetic to the planet and it's long term sustainability.