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Dock Features Restored

A number of 19th Century cast iron ship mooring bollards have been restored in some of the Trawler owner colours. The bollards are finished the colours that would feature on the funnel of the various owners trawlers. 

St. Andrew's Dock Panels

The son of a Hull fisherman says it's disrespectful to see St. Andrew's Dock in such a state of disrepair.  Andrew Fenton, who helped design the Last Trip Memorial, wants the docks to be redeveloped in honour of the thousands of men who left that very dock, never to return.  For over four decades, the site's been falling into disrepair and Andrew's created a series of boards to show how it could look. He says: "It must hit hard year after year after year seeing the condition of the dock. If you could wave a magic wand and get the dock water filled and brand new dock gates in, brilliant. But that's going to take time and we want people to see something now. We want to be able to say 'look, this is our intentions'."

The Last Trip Completed

We are pleased to announce the Last Trip Memorial is now finished and located at Zebedee's Yard in the former grounds of Trinity House School, Princes Dock, Hull

The Last Trip Concept

THE LAST TRIP DESIGN CONCEPT This was the original concept design for the Last Trip Memorial designed early 2015 Our Concept for the Memorial for the Lost Fishermen of Hull. The Last Trip feature was produced as a starting point that would hopefully help inspire further development. And with St. Andrew's Dock being in decline for well over 50 years we are trying to create solutions that in some way can help to improve this area.

Heritage Dock Concept

Back in 1996 we created a themed Heritage Dock concept that would secure and compliment the surrounding businesses, allowing more customers to shop and take in the surroundings. It would give the opportunity to take full advantage of attracting European visitors arriving on Hull’s two major North Sea ferry routes.

Ship To Shore Concept

Our main trawler feature took us a bit longer to design then we thought. In between our day jobs we managed to finish it - 4 months later. We hope that the result could be a fitting tribute to the lost trawlermen of Hull and also  help educate and remind future generations of the hardships and dangers of this incredible industry. Please let us have your comments.

Angling Area

In this example we show a proposal for a designated riverside area where angling enthusiasts can go fishing. This specific area is designed so that it becomes a complimentary feature of the surrounding area.

Portable Police Box

Portable Police events and locations around Hull 

Children's Orthopaedic

InterTech working in association with NHS Hull and East Riding. The trust allowed us look at ways of making the waiting area for the Children's Orthopaedic Clinic at Hull Royal Infirmary little more fun for the children and hopefully the parents and staff.

2013 The People's Gallery

The People's Gallery. A family album about local people. The Gallery will open its doors in the former Peacocks store in Whitefriargate from from Thursday, September 12 to Sunday, September 15. Opening times are from 10am till 4pm and admission is free. It would be great to recieve any comments about the event. 

Tide And Time

Viewed from either the River Humber or Hull's Castle Street this provides an eye opener for visitors arriving in Hull on the North Sea ferries or travelling by road from the M62 motorway. It's a real talking point and shows Hull as an innovative city that is proud of its name

Optomen TV Crime Reduction Project

New series. Reformed thief Richard Taylor and policeman Will Davies travel around the nation to advise retailers on how to beat shoplifters at their own game, demonstrating some of the scams used to steal goods and revealing lapses in security methods. In the first episode, they visit a family-run bargain store in Cleethorpes that features InterTech's designs to help the shopkeeper reduce the amount of shoplifting and also try to stop it becoming an easy target for local shoplifters.

2014 Peoples Gallery

Castle Street Bridge

Castle Street is one of Hull's busiest roads. It has been subject to be involved in a £150m upgrade to ease traffic congestion.

NHS Design Concepts Requires Password

InterTech are working in association with the NHS Trust to design adult minor and major emergency departments. This area is slightly more challenging because many of the emergency departments in the UK were built in the 1960s and 1970s to service half the number of patients they see today and are badly in need of upgrading. Our concepts focus on these area's based on retro fit design options.

Humberside Police 2 Requires Password

Concept Pending Approval

Humberside Police 1 Requires Password

Concept Pending Approval

Micro Wind Farm Completed

Micro Wind Farm Starts

Work starts on clearing the site ready for the city's first micro wind farm to be installed on land adjacent to InterTech on Priory Park West Hull. This small-scale wind system are electricity generating microgeneration technology in the form of 6no axis turbines which will be installed on the perimeter of the 0.9 acre site. 

Micro Wind Farm Concept

As first revealed in the Mail, the £500.000 privately- funded project will see 6 mini-turbines being installed at a site on Priory Park, next the Clive Sullivan Way, to join two existing vertical axis turbines. The project will also include a new devopment area for evaluating the latest components in energy saving equipment. The 3D visuals help to show the impression of the city's first urban wind farm, which will see 6 turbines installed at a site on Priory Park.

Fruit Market Requires Password

Fruit Market community project requires password and username

Eco Centre

The Eco Centre is a concept planned for vacant land on Saltmarsh Court Priory Park adjacent to InterTech. 

Commercial Design Centre

A HULL design consultancy is hoping to showcase Hull's wealth of talented enterprise at its new state-of-the-art commercial centre. InterTech Media UK Ltd, which is currently based on Sutton Fields industrial estate, is building a bespoke headquarters in Priory Park.


The 3D concept visuals show a modern Maritime Memorial that could be an iconic symbol of remembrance for the Fishing Community and the Merchant Navy Associations. The design is based around sea waves that are represented in polished stainless steel.

Remembrance Garden

The Reflections Garden is a focal point which shows the community heritage through using images of local people. Young people often have family or friends connected with the fishing community of the past.

Visitor Centre

This is a unique building that you either love or hate! The ultimate brief for this design was to reflect the city of Hull’s maritime connections in a modern, unusual looking building that people, over time, would associate with the city of Hull.

Memorial Wall

In January 1968 the city of Hull was hit with the terrible news of 3 trawlers becoming lost within days of one another; a total loss of 58 crew members. Remarkably there was 1 survivor.

Small Business Centre

The Business Centre is a perfect environment for business networking. It combines a communal exhibition hall with state of the art presentation facilities which are shared by the whole heritage dock development. It really does break the mould of a typical business park development.

Tall Ships Info Centre

The Tall Ships Information Centre offers a facility for creating awareness about the many types of adventure sail training opportunities that are available to everyone. Most sail training organisations and their vessels are operated by charities, foundations and sometimes government bodies.

Yorkshire Info Centre

A combined Information Centre must be one of the most valuable tools that the City of Hull could have if it is to move forward as a pioneering city.

Marine History Centre

The Marine History Centre showcases many aspects of marine history, together with more specific information about the Maritime City of Hull.

Heritage Bar

The Heritage Bar and Restaurant interior is designed with a strong nautical theme through using a sea and pebble effect carpet. Wall graphics show over 100 years of maritime history, from the early whaling trips of the 1700s through to the era of the Icelandic Cod Wars of the 1970s.

Conference Centre

The Conference Centre offers various suites of meeting rooms - all equipped with the latest AV facilities. These rooms are available for hire to businesses which do not have their own facilities for business meetings.

Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop is situated in the Reflections Garden and carries on the heritage theme throughout. It offers facilities to serve the general public and the surrounding businesses and is part of the business and conference centre facilities.

Paull Village Hall

The BIG Lottery fund has announced this morning (17th July 2012) that it has granted £464,495  to Paull Village Hall. This grant, along with the £40,000 alredy raised by the local community will enable a New Village Hall to be built on the site of the old one.

Philip Youles