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The Last Trip Design Concept

Our historical feature reflecting the city's fishing heritage


This was the concept design for the Last Trip Memorial  

Our Concept for the Memorial for the Lost Fishermen of Hull. The Last Trip feature was produced as a starting point that would hopefully help inspire further development. And with St. Andrew's Dock being in decline for well over 50 years we are trying to create solutions that in some way can help to improve this area.

Heritage Memorial for the Lost Fishermen of Hull.

The video above shows our design feature called "The Last Trip" The brief video uses the soundtrack for the BBC drama Spy Ship. Folk singer June Tabor sang this song she was accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Spy Ship was a 1983 serial on BBC2 drama with its storyline based around the Cold War.


All that you see here has been produced in our own time - free of charge. We have used our in-house skills to help visualise concepts that could create a real impact on communities. The concept featured here has taken almost four years to research and prepare and has engaged with the local community to give us some valuable feedback. It is this feedback which has helped us to design a Heritage Memorial which will reflect some of the wishes, opinions and experiences of the local people of Hull.

The objective is to build the most Interactive and Educational Memorial in the World

You can see the feedback we have received from the earlier concepts called the Ship to Shore Version 1 and the Heritage Dock shown on the concept and project pages. This section has not been made public and it displays in-depth designs which have been derived from public feedback that we have received so far. Our public feedback has come to us from other parts of this website in the form of hundreds of public comments - all of which have been very positive and supportive.

The profile of the ships bow allows for flowers to be placed inside or a single flower to be placed in the cutout of the anchor.

Expectations are high

Their are very strong local feelings about a solution for a suitable Heritage Memorial. Various charities and the local community groups in Hull have worked tirelessly for many years, campaigning and trying to raise funds from charity events. And with funds being limited and considering the time it takes to acquire donations, we felt that any help which we could give to support this campaign would be welcomed.


Our Heritage Memorial aims to educate the present-day public about the 6,000 to 8,000 men that were lost from the port of Hull. Men who worked in an industry that has suffered the loss of almost 900 trawlers since 1835. Once the World's largest deep-sea fishing port, Hull needs a fitting Heritage Memorial which recognises the large number of fishermen that had their lives cut tragically short and also to help remaining families remember these men.


The construction the Last Trip Feature is from raw steel allowing to rust on the main 6 panels and the jointing strips are in stainless steel of chrome together with the bows of the ships. All the wording is lazor cut allowing illumination of all the names to be highlighted with light.

project Background...

Here at InterTech in Hull, we have worked on ideas for the old St. Andrew’s Dock since 2010:

3D Visual showing how the dock could look if it was restored to its original water-filled condition. The Last Trip Feature could be the starting point for further development after well over 40 years of the docks decline.

We worked with a number of memorial ideas together with visitor attractions which could capitalise on the remaining dock infrastructure. If they were implemented now then they would certainly be in keeping with our City of Culture (2017) status.

3D Visual shows the 'Bullnose' area with the concept of a smaller memorial called 'Arctic Waves'

We had an original memorial concept for the ‘Bullnose’ area, next to the old lock pits. An adjacent visitor centre (with concept styling channelled by the former Whaling industry of Hull) is shown in more detail within the Heritage Dock Concept section of this website.


Plan above shows outlined area of land now available for proposed Last Trip Feature on the St. Andrew's Dock.

The picture below shows the site at St. Andrew's Quay of which the Last Trip feature was originally designed for this location. bUT WAS REJECTED.

 We originally designed The Last Trip for consideration on this proposed plot.

 When we first heard that the Hull City Council had made some land available further down from the bullnose area, we modified our concept to fit this new location. We made the concept available free of charge should anyone want to adopt the idea.

Basic Proposed Design within the site boundary of land offered by
Hull City Council / Land Stakeholder:

Centre Piece: "The Last Trip"

The Memorial design is based around 90 chrome sections of steel in the shape of the bow of a trawler; each bow incorporates the cutout of an anchor. 

In this design the repeated bows are to signify the number of ships and crew lost and create a clear message that many thousands died working in this industry. 

Fishing tragedies were regular occurrences, taking between 6,000 to 8,000 lives during the last century from the Port Of Hull

A peaceful space for Remembrance, Commemoration and Contemplation


Our first Design Proposal the trawler silhouette called "ship to shore"

The "Ship to Shore Memorial"

We have worked on various schemes to suit a range of budgets so at least one of the schemes could be achieved whatever funds were available.

A trawler silhouette with members of the crew about to set sail

 The main focal point of our new design was the silhouette of a traditional 'sidewinder' trawler about to set sail with some of the crew waving to their families and friends. The trawler profile was to be constructed from raw steel that over time would weather and rust. The rusting would depict the decline of the fishing industry and also gently remind us of the blatant disregard to the safety and welfare of our fishermen.

900 trawlers were lost from the port of hull between 1835 and 1987

St. Andrew's Dock opened in 1883 and named after the Patron Saint of Fishermen, St Andrew. The picture above shows the dock in its former heyday

The current condition of the former St, Andrew's Dock

The trawler silhouette design specifically showed one crew member on his own at the bow of the ship. This was to remind us that these men were treated as casual workers and would often embark on a fishing trip without knowing any of the other crew.

The silhouette is of a full scale sidewinder trawler cut from raw steel sections

Right from the outset, we did not want the memorial to simply be a place to reflect on the loss of loved ones; we also wanted it to be a place of education and interest. For those who had lost their lives at sea, this memorial would become their legacy to live on in the form of an industrial heritage ‘timeline’ giving dates, names, places and events.


Other features included a second area about Hull’s fishing fleet in wartime conflict and the men who lost their lives in those hostile times.


We feel that it is important to give the design a strong name that people can remember. A striking road sign adjacent to the Clive Sullivan Way will catch the footfall from people travelling to and from the ferry port of Hull.


The location of the Heritage Memorial on the former St. Andrew's Dock offers very good access from the A63 and an ideal opportunity to attract visitors. The layout and information panels would encourage people to follow links around the memorial area, signposting our other historical attractions like the Town Docks Museum, The Deep and so on. This surely must be a win-win for the City of Hull.



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Patricia Lawler
Thankyou for taking the time to remember our lost loved ones well done and Thankyou for me and my three children who lost my husband and their dad .........too many lost love ones and for what x Thankyou for such a lovely monument


Patricia Lawler
My husband was lost off the Thornella 2september 1962 he was ships cook I think Everyone who went to sea deserves their names and memorials for everyone to see Hull has always been forgotten but these memorials should be seen by all and will been seen by all these men had hard lives at sea bless them all my three children lost their dad and it happened to so many dads in so many families so well done all who make this possible so many can see and remember Thankyou


Pat Lawler
It's brilliant concept


Graham Hassall (Stokesy) Ex Hull Trawlerman
Agreed with all, but let us not overlook the enormous wealth that these trawlermen, the fishing industry and the associated industries contributed to the wealth of the nation. It is long overdue.


Mike Waudby
After spending the last thirty years or so witnessing the demise of the industry and writing and documenting its decline I have only one word for the heritage memorial "brilliant" well done to all concerned the 6000 men and there families should be so proud , well done inter tech.


Gordon Poskitt
Long overdue, we can only hope that there are enough strong willed people with the ability left among us to see this project through. Keep the faith and never give up.


Pamela Egan
Hope to join looks very interesting


This is Awesome news,be lots of happy people around aftear hearing this cool news,I myself carn't wait to see this in the making+it been open,from a lad who use to sit on docks and watch the fishermen go out to work when I was young lad


Jonna & John Lindley
We have today visited this long overdue memorial to's a superb concept that will enable those of us who have lost family members to visit and remember. It is so much more than just a memorial, it's an inter active learning facility for adults and children and will ensure that the fishermen are not forgotten. This valuable project is worthy of everyone's support and will make a great addition to the infrastructure of the area. It also deserves the support of the council and others who care about local history and people.


Andy Thiim
A big thank you to Andrew Fenton for showing us round the memorial 'The Last Trip' earlier today. The sooner its sorted out into its final resting place down near Mr Chu's the better, then everyone can admire it. It's such a huge shame that Hull city council are not supporting him in his task. The memorial will be a great tribute to all fishermen. Well done to all involved in making this great memorial come to life.


Anthony McCullagh
Is this memorial the official memorial for the lost trawler men, and if so, what about the memorial that STAND and the Council are promoting. Also, what is happening with the new plaques at the Bullnose


Terry & Carol Dance
Thanks to Andrew Fenton my wife and I saw the Memorial to the "The Last Trip" The number of times I have listened to Seamen quoting that phrase and then returning for the next trip. Unfortunately as a lad I listened and read of the tragedies that came reality for some families, bless all the "lads" that never made it back.


Carole & Rod Ellis
Really brilliant. Very well done to Andrew Fenton for all the work that as gone into the memorial. We were both moved, a fiiting tribute to the fishermen. Looking forward to it be erected at St Andrew's Quay. Carole & Rod Ellis


Geoffrey Lonsdale
Hi, I'm suggesting that you set up a payment scheme through Paypal. Paypal have no charge for charities when paying and the payment is funded by a bank account, debit card or PayPal balance, and no currency conversion is involved. If the Last Trip is a registered charity the charge for using a credit card is 1.4% + 20p. I'm sure your funds would increase by instant payments through Paypal, I hope this suggestion help your worthy cause. From an ex 'essle road lad geoffrey lonsdale.


Lynda Denton
Absolutely brilliant. This should be transferred to St Andrew's Quay as soon as possible. Well done to all involved.


There is an old cliché: ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. Andrew Fenton is a man of action. He gets the job done. Hull's trawling heritage and the Hessle Road Community are the benefactors of his and others' hard work. Well Done to Andrew and all those who have worked hard to bring into reality these concepts. Here's looking forward to 2016 and beyond for your ventures. Alec Gill


Steven Keel
Many thanks to Andrew Fenton with this concept and for graspin the Bull by the hones well done!! I do think that St Andrews dock area should be used ? come Hull City Council get cracking ? We need Ships To visit etc ? for real thing . Waiting !!! Well Done Campbell,s W and V will be really pleased . Kind regards Steven Keel worked for fourty years in the fish processing industry in Hull. Glen rose fish subway st Hull.


John Sizer
A really fitting tribute to the lost trawler men, set in an ideal location.


Anthony Perrins
fantastic be great when its all complete , its been a long trip getting here , thanks to all involved , be good to see the dock full and working . again fantastic ,


George Anderson
Hi I've asked to be allowed on the site and as of today I haven't received confirmation in the way of an email//Am I being told I can't enter the site? Thanks George Anderson Liverpool


Malcolm Smith
Coming from a family with strong Trawler traditions and being an ex wireless operator, Redifon,Newingtons,Marss,BUT,etc I think it time don't you.


Gary Delves
An ex fisherman myself I cannot believe what the Bullnose lads have done in such a short time . Well done Jerry , Ray and all others involved in this fantastic memorial .


Ted Doherty
now we are talking well done the committee of Hulbullnose heritage group and all its members,June the 6th was good for Hull but this is something else,this country of ours needs educating just how much they gave to get fish into the uk. To many brave souls gave all they could give to get fish home,seen my father land and back to sea in 36 hrs, we lost over 6000 men fishing and this at last is something to remember those brave souls by they must never be forgotten


Ted Doherty
Love it, this is all about what we from Hessle Road deserve, the X fishing community deserve this, the lost deserve this.hope we can get the funding you can put me down to help in any way i can,give us a bell Ray. Love it,regards Ted


Michael Swain
Having lost my brother Maurice in the triple trawler disaster 1968, I have given my time voluntary to the fishermen's mission, and I was the project co ordinator of Hull's Fishermen's Memorial books housed in the Maritime Museum, listing the thousands of fishermen lost from this city. I can honestly say it does take a huge commitment to succeed, sadly the poor state of St Andrews dock as it looks now disrespects the fishermen who lost there lives bringing fish to the nations table. Mr Levison and Mr Fenton my hope is that you succeed.


Mason And Annette Redfearn
Judging from the latest news in the Hull Daily Mail dated June 19 2015, titled : - 'Plans to kick-start facelift of derelict waterfront site', there is now more likelihood of this project reaching a successful conclusion. We listened to the Radio Humberside, David Burns Morning Show on the same day, and as a result, we feel that Mr Levison and Mr Fenton are committed to doing a great job on St. Andrew's Dock, and at the same time appropriately PRESERVING Hull's Fishing Heritage. Furthermore, the memorial to the lost trawlermen , 'The Last Trip' is to be the lead feature of the development. So at long last, we have good reason to be optimistic.


Fantastic idea, why has this not happened already! I hope more people are aware of this to support the idea! The place looks derelict at the moment and needs attention.


Mike Dixon
Great news , one thing I would love to see in there would be the Artic Corsair, Viola, and the spurn light ship. If it's done right it could be amazing , the first thing people will see as they enter Hull,


Peter Smith
if this was to happen I as an ex fisherman would be one happy man, if it were to be on or near the Bullnose ,and to have water back in the dock it would make a lot of people happy
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