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People and the community

People and the community


Society in the UK is changing rapidly and the principals of urban design are struggling to keep up. Different cultures, faiths and age groups are more important considerations now than ever before when planning around communities.


It would be simply brilliant to be able to plan communities where you can bring young and old together. Where you can show the heritage and history of that community. Where you create a sense of belonging and the surroundings portray an image that is less likely to be neglected or vandalised.Placeholder 1

Why does it seem so difficult to come up with solutions that bring back the principles of a close community? Remember those neighbourhoods with friendly, open public spaces that were there to be used by everybody?


Urban Design within a commercial framework

Planning industrial estates could focus on bringing businesses together and allow better business networking. For example, building a shared exhibition centre. This could to help to showcase businesses and their products. It could also allow different types of businesses to mix. Solicitors, insurance brokers, places to eat or meeting places designed with a business theme; all these would be available locally without having to travel to the other side of the city.


When the process of Urban Design begins to address issues like the few mentioned here, it exerts a huge effect on people’s lifestyles. This highlights the importance of carrying out Urban Design with consideration to local people and local businesses in the community.