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Castle Street Bridge

A concept with safety in mind

Castle Street is one of Hull's busiest roads. Crossing it is a dangerous pursuit and a really iconic bridge would not only resolve that problem but would offer a link between Princes Dock Street and the marina.


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Karen & Peter Rusling
Wow this looks amazing but with one very major caveat, we have a son in a wheelchair, what provision is there for him?


Geoff Hewitt
We definitely need a good looking pedestrian bridge to connect the marina, Humber Street and the quayside to the city centre. This has to be a priority project to be completed before 2017.


Where is the disabled access for the bridge. All I see is escalators,and you wouldn't get a wheelchair up them. Hasn't been thought out properly has it?


Jackie Collins
the main tube bit does look great, but I think putting just sofas in the middle is not going to work. if it was integrated into a small café then maybe. but it looks futuristic and cool. it is definitely about time something was done


Tracey Kingdom
I think it is essential to link the City centre with the marina. There are not many places you will visit that do not have a focus around a bustling marina. Hull has a beautiful marina which needs opening up to more businesses/markets, pavement restaurants/bars etc and needs to be advertised and promoted as a fantastic place to be. The linked walkway is a must.
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