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Angling Area

Angling is the biggest participant pastime in the UK

It seems common sense that, when planning public spaces, these areas should be utilised to their full potential. If you have a local community which engages in a particular pastime, why is not always possible to incorporate this into the design?

Angling is the biggest participant pastime in the UK. Our rivers and estuaries are becoming cleaner every year - and the Humber Estuary is no exception. Angling - or just plain old fishing with rod & line - is not just a leisure activity but it is a tool for social inclusion, involving young people - and often troubled young people - in deprived and urban areas.

We complain about youths hanging around on street corners and in our parks and the antisocial behaviour which comes from sheer boredom. Yet we do very little to address this problem
when planning our communal areas.

People Fishing

In this section of the website we have looked at the requirement for talking to local people, listening to their opinions and understanding their needs. Through this essential process a planning brief can be turned into a feasible and useable design.

In this example we show a proposal for a designated riverside area where angling enthusiasts can go fishing. This specific area is designed so that it becomes a complimentary feature
of the surrounding area.


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Ernest Brown
What a brillant idea for young people. People are always complaining about the youth of today. But no one comes up with any ideas, to resolve the problem.
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