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Micro Wind Farm


As first revealed in the Mail, the £500.000 privately- funded project will see 6 mini-turbines being installed at a site on Priory Park, next the Clive Sullivan Way, to join two existing vertical axis turbines. The project will also include a new devopment area for evaluating the latest components in energy saving equipment.

The 3D visuals help to show the impression of the city's first urban wind farm, which will see 6 turbines installed at a site on Priory Park.

Due to be installed in September 2013, it will create the UK's first urban wind farm.

Now, city council officials have revealed they have held talks with the two firms behind the project to see if similar schemes could be built across Hull.

Creating a network of urban wind farms would underline the council's ambitions of turning Hull into a leading green energy city. One option is to resurrect the idea of installing mini-turbines at a number of new secondary schools being built around the city. Martin Budd, the council's environment and climate change officer, said the 23m high turbines earmarked for Priory Park were specifically designed to operate in built- up areas. He said: "We have been speaking with the manufacturers Quietrevolution about the situation and looking at other sites in the city.

"Their turbines are sold out for the rest of the year, but we are talking about how this kind of technology might be used elsewhere.

"There are opportunities for private investors and, as a council, we can provide support." Councillor Claire Thomas, who represents the Priory Park area, said residents on the nearby Summergroves estate had strongly supported the plans for the micro wind farm. She said: "As a council, this is something we should be driving forward.

"If we are talking about being a green city, this is a fantastic opportunity for us, not just because it's good for the environment, but because it's good for creating jobs."

Andrew Fenton, director of design company Inter Tech, where the new turbines will be installed, said he was looking forward to the installation. He said: "Everything is on track and we can't wait to get them up and running and hopefully once people can see them it may calm fears about the visual impact both from businesses and local residents.

"Quietrevolution have never done anything on this scale before so it's a real first for Hull."


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Steven Keel
Andrew Fenton why can't you sell your product Electricity to the Homes on and around summergroves I am sure it would be cheaper an the National Grid?
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