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InterTech Wind Farm

Work starts on the city's first micro wind farm

We put the city's turf to work towards a cleaner future

Work starts on clearing the site ready for the city's first micro wind farm to be installed on land adjacent to InterTech on Priory Park West Hull. This small-scale wind system are electricity generating microgeneration technology in the form of 6no axis turbines which will be installed on the perimeter of the 0.9 acre site. 

Picture above shows an example HY5 wind turbine in it's down position.

As first revealed as a concept in 2012 we now have the green light for the privately- funded project which will see 6 mini-turbines being installed at the site on Priory Park, next the Clive Sullivan Way, to join two existing vertical axis turbines. The project will also include a new devopment area for evaluating the latest components in energy saving equipment on the remaining land. The final stage of the project would be to build a climate reduction building to compliment the visual look of the turbines and help show case some very advanced energy saving technologies. 

 Picture above shows an example of a HY5 variable pitch wind turbine in operation.

Energy production at low wind speeds to make the most of available wind resources. This turbine will run in wind speeds as low 3.5 M/S metres per secound.

Picture above shows a good example of the visual impact within a rural setting showing a single  HY5 variable pitch wind turbine installation. 

Picture above shows residential installation.

The HY5 variable pitch blades allowing the turbine to run in higher wind speeds when conventional turbines would cut out in extreme wind condtions.



BWEA rated power at 11m/s is 4.1kw,    16m/s is 4.7kw

Annual energy yield

Turbine running at an average 5m/s = 1 year 8,458kwh 

higher wind speed example

7m/s = 1 year 16,068 kwh


Permanent magnet directly connected generator


3 blade down wind operation 

Gearless direct drive

5.6 diameter blade rotation

swept area 24.6m2


The HY5 comes with a 5 year warranty







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