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police box community Project for Humberside Police 

See how the portable Police box designed around the traditional British telephone kiosk or callbox used by the Police or members of the public to contact the Police up until the 1970's is helping Humberside Police meet the public. Using a traditional method with a modern day approach the pictures shows various locations with the portable Police box setup for a day in a number of public spaces around the city.

The box is made from an aluminium portable frame with sides panels made from fabric which are removable and be can be printed with different messages or pictures and the whole box can fold up and fit in the boot of a car making it very easy to transport and move around. The fabrication and design was done by InterTech and the result has worked well with the public and had a real postive response.


Above pictures show  scale models with proposed artwork produced prior to making the full size version.

Above image showing a 3D Visual of proposed Police Box 

Police box set up at outside Paragon station 

Police box set up for the day outside Pearson Park Mosque


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