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Hull KR Rugby Sponsor Fun Scrum

Rugby World Cup 2013

Supporting the Rugby World Cup be a part of the action.

Can you imagine yourself playing for Hull KR rugby team? Now you can well almost, just put yourself  behind this model and become part of the action and the team. Be as silly as you want you can even put tape around your head to add the finishing detail for a perfect photo opportunity. A great souvenir of the World Cup event.

Artist impression of how the model could look finished in the Hull KR colours.

The team model could feature at local events on the run up to the start of the Rugby League World Cup 2013. World Cups of any desription don't hapeen every year-and certainly not in this country. So make sure you are part of it.

For further details on sponsering, general interest or comments please use the comment box below.


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Benjamin Okyere


Yasmine Droullos
brilliant stuff!!!


Alison Droullos
brilliant idea cant wait to see myself in this team!!!!
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