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Coming soon life size fibreglass and resin models available from InterTech new for 2014
9th December 2013

InterTech have just completed a new external display area to showcase a range of life size replica models new for 2014


The new showroom and external display area will feature life size replica fibre-glass and resin models. The display areas will show everything from wild animals to themed figures, ideal for both external and internal use. All models are highly detailed and made to the highest standards and will be available to view and purchase Febuary 2014. 


 The area was landscaped and fitted with display panels printed on materials suitable for external use. 

The area is now complete and we have a few animals on display with further models arriving early 2014.


Our first batch of resin animals on the way up to the top floor showroom. 

We have limited stock of various life size models if a particular model is not in stock delivery would be around 6 to 8 weeks or sooner if possible. We try to hold at least a Qty of 3 of each model we have in our range.