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InterTech Guided Tour 9th to 11th September 2013
2nd September 2013

2013 InterTech Open Days 

Building on the success of his two existing wind turbines, this year Intertech Managing Director Andrew Fenton will be unveiling new design plans to visitors showing the UK’s first urban micro wind farm. It will featuring six turbines capable of generating 0.75MW of power, the blades on the turbine feature a new electric design which adjust depending on the wind speed, ensuring maximum efficiency. The inside of the building matches this emphasis on renewable energy production and energy conservation with intelligent lighting systems, elaborate air flow heating, rainwater harvesting and PV solar panels.

In addition to his passion for renewable energy is Andrew’s enthusiasm for Hull, and visitors will also be fascinated by the internal decor which features wonderful black and white photos of St Andrews Dock in its prime as well as photos of the Pequod being fitted out here before leaving for filming the Hollywood inspired Moby Dick.

Car parking available to the rear of InterTech

To visit InterTech please see dates below...

  • Monday 9th Sept 1130am - 1300pm
  • Tues 10th Sept 1130am - 1300pm
  • Weds 11th Sept 1130am - 1300pm

Max 15 people per tour

To Book:

T: 01482 841007
P: HU4 7DZ