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Work has started on a new memorial commemorating the city's fishing heritage.
28th November 2015

Now, work on the memorial is under way at steel fabricators W Campbell and Son in Harpings Road, west Hull.

Mr Fenton said: "It's great to see The Last Trip actually taking shape.

"I am very grateful for the support we have received from so many people, organisations and companies since we unveiled our ideas for the dock earlier this year.

"I would particularly like to pay tribute to the fantastic job the team at Campbells are doing in turning the design into reality.

TAKING SHAPE: From left, Phil Cannon, Steve Lee, Sam Hoggard, Lee Horsfield, Dar Gill, Brian Campbell, Crispian Havercroft, Martin Taylor, Danny Nichlas, Andy Lowery, Powel Ksiay, Steve Lawes at W Campbell and Son.

"Hopefully, if everything goes to plan, it should be completed before Christmas."

The cylindrical sculpture features the title of every job onboard a fishing trawler cut into the steelwork, allowing them to be illuminated at night.

The raw steel used on the feature's six main panels will rust over time and they will be held in place by a number of stainless steel strips. Each will feature family titles, such as husband, brother, cousin, cut into the steel.

It will also include about 90 chrome sections of steel resembling the bow of a trawler. Each bow incorporates a laser-cut anchor," said Mr Fenton.

"The idea of the repeated bows is to signify the number of ships and crew lost and create a clear message that many thousands died working in this industry."

The bows are currently being offered for sale to raise funds to help cover the costs of the memorial in a fundraising camp- aign being led by the Bullnose Fishing Heritage Group.

They will eventually be able to be used for floral tributes.

Mr Fenton said: "Everything in The Last Trip is being made by companies in Hull, which has been another important part of the project. We wanted to keep everything local because Hull still has a strong manufacturing sector.

"Hull was once home to the world's largest deep-sea fishing fleet, so it needs a fitting heritage memorial that recognises the large number of fishermen who had their lives cut tragically short and also to help remaining families remember these brave men."